7- Sentence Stories

7-Sentence Story Samples


My Story Project: Eden and T.J’s 7- Sentence Story

Once upon a time there was a bumblebee who saved everyone’s lives.

And every day she went to the DC Superhero Academy.

Until one day there was a terrible crisis.

And because of that the whole of the DC superhero team had to team up to save the day.

And because of that even Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy had to help.

Until finally the case was over.

My Story Project: Sumayyah’s 7- Sentence Story

Once upon a time there was a girl who received a present on her birthday. This was a magical cookbook, which had a fairy that helped make the recipes.

And every day they would cook amazing foods for the family.

Until one day the fairy went missing. Therefore the investigator searched for the fairy.

And because of that the poor girl was extremely upset so she gave up baking.

Until finally the investigator found the missing property and the robber was thrown in jail.

And ever since that day they kept the fairy in a safe place at night.


My Story Project: Asma’s 7- Sentence Story

Once upon a time Princess Lucy cleaned her room in the castle.

And every day her friends have to do what she says and they talk to her.

Until one day her friends never went home.

And because of that she asked them nicely to leave but she lost her patience.

And because of that the friends were too scared to speak to her.

Until finally the friends shouted at the chef for not caring. And then they went home and the princess started to cry.



My Story Project: Aisha’s 7-Sentence Story

Once upon a time a princess was born, she had growing hair.

And every day she went to explore the world to make new friends, and she never knew she had powers to rule the kingdom.

Until one day she went to the best forest to pick blueberries that had magical powers.

And because of that she ate it and inside of her she felt funny. There was a wicked witch, she had a crystal ball and saw her power that was making crystal hearts and some other stuff.

And because of that she was really cross and jealous.

Until finally she had an idea to make a potion to take away her powers.

And ever since she hadn’t tried to trick the princess because the princess was too clever.



My Story Project: Clara’s 7-Sentence Story

Once upon a time there was a cat, who was a magic cat called Clara.

And every day she had to go to a concert and show what she could do.

Until one day she went to a different concert and there was only one person.

And because of that the cat had to leave.

And because of that the concert was cancelled, but the cat used her magic to organise a new concert. She sold lots of tickets. The concert hall was full of people.

Until finally the concert was a big success.

And ever since the cat has been training to become a musician.