Published Stories

My Story Project

Children are great storytellers who can create lively stories that, with a little assistance, can be turned into published stories for everyone to read.

Our project seeks to develop children and young people’s writing skills and to assist them to find their unique voice through storytelling.

The project develops an understanding of common elements within traditional stories as well as helping the participants to write their own stories, which are published on the Internet. These stories can be from any cultural background, and there are many that the children may know.

Following the preliminary research sessions, the participants 1. gather content and define the parameters of their story, 2. organize and focus the story, 3. identify any holes in the story, 4. edit, 5. finish and publish their story. The project facilitators also offer the children the chance to develop some of the skills used in oral storytelling.

The order in which the stories have been published on these pages is, to some extent, arbitrary, having been determined by the date of submission.

The stories are grouped beginning with the simpler forms and Foundation and Key Stage 1, 2,3 and 4 themes and by comparing the stories in terms of similarity and contrast in content and structure.

These stories are just as important as any other published story. Other communities and the public can share the lives of these children and their experiences, which can be empowering. It goes without saying that the order or grouping of the stories is subject to change whilst the project develops.