My Story Project

We are creating an archive of the stories of children and young people in north Kensington and across London. The audience is comprised of children, young people and adults who will read the stories published on the internet (epublishing).

The project develops an understanding of common elements within traditional stories and guides the participants to write their own stories, which are published on the internet (‘My Story’ webpages). These stories can be from any cultural background. There are many stories that the children may know.

Following the preliminary research sessions the participants 1. gather content and define the parameters of their story, 2. organize and focus the story, 3. identify any holes in the story, 4. edit, 5. finish and publish their story. Traditional stories are meant to be told and as an extension to the main activities the facilitator will offer the children the chance to develop some of the skills in oral storytelling.

The ‘Help a Child Publish a Story’ project was funded by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Arts Grants Scheme.  Addressing Policies 1, 8 and 15 of RBKC Arts and Culture Policy, the project’s aim is to develop existing cultural and creative networks in the borough and increase active participation across the borough creating a boroughwide identity for children and young people supporting them to become more culturally integrated.