January 2020 Stories #creativeplay

Lego Stories in the Library: MONTHLY CREATIVE PLAY STORY WRITING EVENT. North Kensington Library, West London. 3rd Monday each month 15:30 to 17:30. Next Lego Stories event is on Monday, 16 March 2020. Come and join. All languages welcome. Make a story!

January 2020 event: Lego Stories in the library. Children, parents, carers and grandparents creating stories with play.



January 2020

House on Wheels (by Anon.)

Once upon a time there was a house on wheels.

And every day a prince and a princess lived in it.

Until one day they were going to England.

And because of that the house swam in the sea.

And because of that when they arrived it went on land.

Until finally they found the street where they wanted to live.

And ever since they packed the wheels of the house and put them in storage.

Connecting (by Sweetheant)

Once upon a time there was a giraffe in the zoo. He had nothing to play with.

And every day he cried and made a sad noise because he had no one to play with.

Until one day a big neck appeared in the trees and it was a big giraffe with a baby.

And because of that the big mummy giraffe said, “Take me to the doctor. I’m going to have another baby.”

And because of that the lonely giraffe took her to the doctor. She had the baby at the doctor’s.

Until finally the baby came out.

And ever since the lonely giraffe was happy.

The Bravest Boy (by Maksy)

Once upon a time a little boy crashed in his rocket on a strange planet.

And every day the people who respected him were worried.

Until one day he found a way to travel back to Earth!

And because of that he became the bravest boy in the world! 

And because of that he has visited Queen Elizabeth the 2nd.

Until finally he was injured and was never seen again …

And ever since he is remembered by many famous people.

The Three Girls (by Sara)

Once upon a time there were three girls.

And every day they were going swimming.

Until one day they went to Hyde Park to play.

And because of that they got lost there.

And because of that they called the police.

Until finally the police came and helped them.

And ever since everything is good.

How do I get Chubby (by Anna)

Once upon a time a lovely girl named Anna who came to London with her parents.

And every day she wailed about her nostalgia and lost appetite.

Until one day she met a new friend.

And because of that she had a smile on her face again.

And because of that she started to gain weight.

Until finally she was too fat to recognize herself.

And ever since she wept over her past slim figure.

The Beautiful Cat Land (by Kitty Girl)

Once upon a time there was a young princess who longed to have a husband.

And every day she woke up and tried to think she was with a prince.

Until one day she found a beautiful prince.

And because of that she decided to buy five kittens.

And because of that they had to move into a castle with all the kittens.

Until finally they had a child and she became a queen.

And ever since the princess and the prince lived happily ever after.

Mauk (by A.)

Once upon a time there was Mauk.

And every day Fenne played with the bigger blocks.

Until one day he went to the library.

And because of that there were other people there and Louis playing too.

And because of that they said: Mauk, look at that!”

Until finally one of them said: This building block is like water!

And ever since they like playing at home too.

The Three Men (by Omar A.)

Once upon a time long ago in space there were three men.

And every day they learned something new and they loved going into space.

Until one day one of the pilots fell and the other pilots tried to help him.

And because of that he had to leave because they couldn’t help him.

And because of that the two pilots never went into space.

Until finally they saw their friend again.

And ever since they are the best friends in the world.

Alice (by Alice)

Once upon a time there was a bubble gum place, a bubble gum machine and everyone could blow bubble gum.

And every day everybody was getting bubble gum.

Until one day the bubble gum machine had no more bubble gum.

And because of that everybody got lots of bubble gum.

And because of that one day bubble gum had more bubble gum.

Until finally there was no more bubble gum again.

And ever since bubble has again come back on day.


January 2020

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