December 2019 stories #storywritingwithplay

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December 2019

My House (by Alexandra)

Once upon a time there was a house in London in the UK.

And every day me and my brother and my mum and my dad lived in the house

Until one day mummy and daddy weren’t here and Sarah came.

And because of that we had a good time.

And because of that I read books and I watched TV. I watched Paw Petrol and I liked it.

Until finally mummy and daddy came back.

And ever since we’ve also got a new nanny and she’s very nice.

Lynn’s Sports (by Aline)

Once upon a time there was a girl named Lynn.

And every day she tried a new sport.

Until one day she ran out of sports to try.

And because of that she felt sad.

And because of that she quit all her sports teams.

Until finally a new sport was invented.

And ever since she kept playing sports.

The Park (by Casper)

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Mia.

And every day she went to the park.

Until one day it closed.

And because of that she was sad.

And because of that she cried.

Until finally it reopened.

And ever since she goes there a lot.

The Four Little Pigs (by Soso)

Once upon a time there were four little pigs.

And every day the little pigs lived in a big house by themselves.

Until one day a big wolf came up and put the house on fire.

And because of that the house burned down.

And because of that the wolf ate the bigger pigs and took the smaller pigs home with him.

Until finally he wrapped them up as presents.

And ever since he has given them as presents to his family!

The Beach Scenario (by Maks)

Once upon a time on a summer’s day an alien arrived at a beach.

And every day no one minded it.

Until one day a pirate and a dead zombie came.

And because of that no one goes to the beach.

And because of that the police and space crew fought them 24/7.

Until finally they ran away.

And ever since the beach was a famous battleground.

Three Little Pigs (by Chloe)

Once upon a time there was three little pigs and they lived in a house with their mother.

And every day they ate all different kinds of food.

Until one day they grew too big for their mother’s house.

And because of that they did huffing and puffing. Like this: Ooooof! And there was a big bad wolf.

And because of that they went to the house. The wolf huffed and puffed and blew down the house. Because it was made of trees.

Until finally the little pigs built a brick house. They dug a ditch around the house and filled it with hot water. They caught the wolf in a pot of water when the wolf fell!

And ever since they have lived happily ever after.


December 2019


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