November 2019 stories #storywritingwithplay

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November 2019

My Video Game (by Leopold)

Once upon a time my brothers were learning history.

And said: every day Americans died because there was a nasty Nazi.

Until one day they came back to the Nazi and they won.

And because of that the Nazi died.

And because of that the French won.

Until finally they started playing another game.

And ever since they play lots of games.

The Crashing Ship (by Maks)

Once upon a time there was a strange ship.

And every day it zoomed across the sky.

Until one day it crashed on earth.

And because of that it started a fire.

And because of that people started to investigate who did it.

Until finally they found who did it. It was the three people inside the ship.

And ever since they had to retake the test to fly.

Grandma Bettie’s Sports Car (by Aamir)

Once upon a time there was an ancient grandma that had an ancient car.

And every day the said car would break down, at least twice a day.

Until one day an ad rolled for a new spectacular sports car.

And because of that Grandma Bettie was watching TV and she saw the ad. She was sitting in her living room. She was lying down with a blanket around her knees.

And because of that she sat up in excitement. She thought of going into her savings to get a car.

Until finally she asked her grandchildren what to do. They said that she should buy it if she really wanted.

And ever since she’s been cruising around in her brand new sports car. And everyone in the world was envious of her because she was having such a good time!

The Forest that Turned into a Park (by J. S.)

Once upon a time there was a little boy. The boy found a big forest behind his house. When the boy grew up, he decided to chop down the forest into a park.

And every day people would visit the park. When he turned into a man and had a son, the son whose name is Micro, would spend every afternoon playing in the park.

Until one day so many people visited the park that there was no space to sit down.

And because of that it made the son close the park to make it a bigger one, which would have more space to sit, play and a bigger slide.

And because of that he could not be the manager of the park anymore, which he disagreed with. He said, “that does not make sense, as this was my father’s park.”

Until finally the park council agreed for the son to retire and not have anymore input in the park.

And ever since the park was not a very happy place for the son to be, so he decided not to visit the park again.

The Family of Cheaters (by Ibrahim)

Once upon a time there were people called Jack and Jill and they were brother and sister.

And every day they practiced racing. And they both never cheated.

Until one day the sister was going against the brother and the dad cheated! So, here is how it happened. They had a race. But the dad’s engine busted.

And because of that he had a secret engine that works only when the first engine is out, but he used another engine that wasn’t allowed in the race.

And because of that the sister was really angry. She thought the green plates were just for decoration but they were boosters!

Until finally the exhaust pipes allowed him to rise above the ground and go to a high place.

And ever since to make the odds fair, she got some parts that were boosters. Because they both cheated, the brother also started cheating, too!

The Garden (by Alice)

Once upon a time there was a garden having some flowers and Alice put a fence around the garden and built a gate.

And every day Alice put some water on the ground to some flowers.

Until one day Alice got the flu and didn’t look after the flowers.

And because of that all the flowers died.

And because of that Alice has been so sad and cried a lot.

Until finally Alice decided to put some new flowers in the garden and take care of them every day.

And ever since Alice has got back a beautiful garden.

The Final Dance Off (by Ferdinand)

Once upon a time there was a famous ballroom dancer. He wanted to start a dancing competition. But, he needed another judge, so what he did was, he got a time machine and got an Indian person.

And every day they would practice judging and dancing. When it was time for the competition, he was amazing.

Until one day they found two brothers named Silver and Gold. Silver loved sliver and Gold loved gold.

And because of that it made them compete until everyone would wear their favourite colour. And they would get a weapon made out of lava!

And because of that they danced and dance and danced.

Until finally There was one winner and it was Silver.

And ever since that Silver’s name went down in history.

The Haunted House (by Cornelia)

Once upon a time there was a room in a house. Nobody lived there. It was haunted. Like the Adams family!

And every day ghosts and ghouls would wake up and go to visit the house. The Adams family were their neighbours.

Until one day a cursed bathtub was sent to the house so if any one went and bathed in it a goblin or a very cheeky clown would come into the bathroom and scare them.

And because of that there was a pass code. Once a child ghost went into the bath and they had the right pass code.

And because of that when the goblin and the clown came out, suddenly they stopped to listen to something.

Until finally they said: “Oh, my god, Rony the dragon needs his food, so we must run!”

And ever since so they went away and fed the dragon and everything was alright again.

Halloween is Coming (by Louie)

Once upon a time there was a school. It was so small, with only one classroom.

And every day teachers and pupils were having fun together. They were reading, dancing, singing and playing football.

Until one day they knew that Halloween was coming!

And because of that everyone was wearing their costumes.

And because of that one was dressed as a pirate, one was dressed as superman, and others were dressed as policemen, aliens, queens and kings.

Until finally some of them had a face painting so that it was hard to recognise them.

And ever since they remember how they didn’t know who was who.

The Toy Shop (by Ana)

Once upon a time there was a shop, a toy shop.

And every day people went there. There was Lego and video games.

Until one day something accidentally broke.

And because of that the people couldn’t go there.

And because of that they were very angry and screamed.

Until finally it was all fixed.

And ever since they are happy.

The Jet Pack (by Max)

Once upon a time there was a jet pack. It could speed and fly.

And every day it did everything. It lived in Austria.

Until one day it flew to London.

And because of that it found a home.

And because of that it stayed at home. There were four kids. And they played with the jet pack.

Until finally it didn’t want to share. So, they weren’t friends anymore. Mummy and daddy said: Stop fighting!

And ever since the jet pack has returned to Austria because they didn’t listen.


November 2019

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