My Story Project: A Home (by Maras #playfulstorywriting)

Once upon a time there was a builder and a man said I want one home.

And every day the builder was making a home for the man.

Until one day they finished the home and he put all his things in it.

And because of that the builder got more work and he had money and bought things.

And because of that he was famous in the city.

Until finally he had a business and was really famous for homes.

And ever since he was happy.

A Home – TTLCIC Playful Story Writing

A Home – TTLCIC Playful Story Writing

Playful Story Writing

Playful Story Writing programme helps children, young people and mature learners to write for pleasure, use a variety of interactive play and skills-building activities inspiring people to write.

Read the stories written by workshop participants in November and December 2018, a story a day.

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