My Story Project: Guests (by Sasha #playfulstorywriting)

Once upon a time there was a butterfly.

And every day she ate cupcakes.

Until one day she saw a rabbit.

And because of that she brought the rabbit to the butterfly’s house.

And because of that they played the guitar together.

Until finally they went and played in the little house.

And ever since the rabbit has left.

TTLCIC – Playful Story Writing

My Story Project: Lego (by Dahl #playfulstorywriting)

Once upon a time there was a little boy who loved Lego.

And every day he built extraordinary designs.

Until one day he didn’t know what to build.

And because of that he stopped building.

And because of that he didn’t like Lego anymore.

Until finally he knew what to build and liked Lego again.

And ever since he continued to build again.






My Story Project: Castle (by Liya #playfulstorywriting)

Once upon a time there was a little girl and boy. They lived in a little castle and ate cupcakes and food and chocolate cake.

And every day they loved to play in the park.

Until one day they began to always read together.

And because of that they were getting intelligent.

And because of that it helped them to be very good.

Until finally they kept reading books.

And ever since they are happy as friends.