My Story Project: Omar the Parcel Pup (by Parcel Pup #children #story #writing)

Once upon a time there was a parcel pup called ‘Omar’.


And every day he delivered parcels in Adventure Bay.

Until one day Omar’s van was broken.

And because of that no more deliveries could be made.

And because of that Omar was sad.

Until finally the van was fixed!

And ever since deliveries are always on time!






Ceramic Exhibition at #RBKC #Library, following story #writing

Yesterday, there was also a wine reception for potter Sonia Watson’s ceramic exhibition  @RBKCLibraries – from 6:30 to 8:00, following the #storywriting event (see previous post).  Story writing with creative activities takes places  from 3:30 to 5:30, so the children had gone home by then.  But, we could not resist taking photos of Sonia Watson’s beautiful frogs, because surely the children would have loved them, had they seen them!

What do you think?








Summer Messy #Play and Story #Writing in RBKC Library

Yesterday, in North Kensington Library @RBKCLibraries – (third Monday of every month there is story writing with creative activities) – parents and children enjoyed modelling clay together, made slime, and wrote stories. The favourite clay animal of the afternoon was the snake! Here are some photos from the afternoon:

Can’t wait to read the published stories?  Come back to read them!