My Story Project: Creating Stories with Playful Writing


Participants at the Lego Stories event at North Kensington Library on 16 April wrote amazing 7-sentence stories and built beautiful Lego creations to illustrate them. Their stories will be posted online soon, together with photos of their Lego work.   You might want to read the published stories of previous 2018 events at (Talk Together London web site).

Please visit to read the 2017 project stories. Talk Together London team continue delivering Playful Story Writing events and workshops at local libaries and Canalside House.

To make learning fun and to encourage students to tap into their creativity, we build emotionally significant links to the life of each child and engage all the senses and use tools and objects to support and promote thinking.

By providing students with Legos or modelling clay, we encourage students to imagine their own worlds – whether they are filled with magic carpets or flying robots.