Learning to Learn?


How can learning about learning help kids? Share your child’s learning experiences, get in touch, tell us what’s on your mind.

Studies are showing that children who can think about their own learning are more successful and happy, at home and in school.

Learning to learn is a powerful tool for building resilience. It helps kids to move from the negativity of “I can’t” to the question “How can I?”

Is your young one learning to learn?

Author: ttlcic

Talk Together London is a social enterprise with charitable objectives registered as a ‘community interest company’ or 'CIC', creating and sharing resources and delivering lifelong learning services since 2006.

7 thoughts on “Learning to Learn?”

    1. We’re glad to have helped you. Thanks for your positive feedback. Are you a teacher or a learner? Are you interested in story writing?


  1. In general teenagers can be deeply thoughtful, curious and ambitious. They can also be attached to technology and concerned about themselves. Also teenagers of today are very different than a decade ago. It is possible to engage them if you create experiences that address their concerns and add value to their lives. Can you find opportunities that will offer something your teenager wants, will be applicable to their life and will engage your teenager intellectually, physically and socially? If thirteen to eighteen year olds thought of making their parents’ life easier, then would we call them teenagers? What Is In It For Me? This is for them an important motivational ingredient.


  2. Hi there, I would like to have an idea of how to support my child through his teenage behaviour of being moody.
    How to make him interested in studying?


    1. Hi Chams, it can be really hard as a parent not to be consumed with worry when your child is at an age where they test limits. Encourage your teenager to expand their range of abilities and help them become independent and resilient. Keep in mind that there may be ups and downs, but they won’t remain teenagers forever. If your teenager senses that you may be feeling anxious, they will avoid being open with you. Your son or daughter’s body is changing, and so are his or her feelings. Make it clear that you are always interested in anything they want to share with you. Talk about those things. Give them the message that you believe in them. It is easy for us as adults to press our own views on teenagers, but maybe it is time to listen and to learn something from them? We wish you luck on the journey. You’re going through this together with your teenager, and you’ll come out of it — together! Regards, teamttlcic


  3. How can I teach my children to think about learning, I am not sure what they are learning in school. I didn’t go to school here. Will you give some tips and examples. this can help us a lot. thanks.


    1. Hi Jlee, thank you for your feedback. We agree that it can be hard putting your children through a system that is new to you, but your questions show that you are doing the best you can for them. Follow the blog to stay connected for information on learning strategies. Regards, teamttlcic


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