My Story Project: My 7-Sentence Story (by Lilly)

Once upon a time a little girl went to the lake to feed the ducks and someone pushed her in the bushes. And it was a monster!

And every day he bit her because he eats everyone around the world.  Bri Bri was the name of the monster.

Until one day the monster went away.

And because of that a magical princess came. She is really good. Her magic is very strong because it is made of metal.

And because of that she became friends with the little girl.

Until finally the little girl’s sister arrived. But, that day someone killed the little princess.

And ever since a fairy called Tinker Bell is protecting the little girl.

Author: ttlcic

Talk Together London is a social enterprise with charitable objectives registered as a ‘community interest company’ or 'CIC', creating and sharing resources and delivering lifelong learning services since 2006.

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