My Story Project: 7-Sentence Story with Legos (by Isra)

Once upon a time there was this intelligent boy, whose name was Jeff.  He knew the words “disingenuous”, “erudite”, “lambast”, “vicissitudes” and “indolent”.

And every day he goes to the library and borrows colossal books to pass his A levels and GCSEs.

Until one day he overslept on his exam and ran rapidly (as fast as the speed of light) and arrived at school at 9:50.

And because of that he won’t be able to do his exam and cannot be able to go to the top universities.

And because of that he disappointed his family’s honour.

Until finally the greatest miracle happened by the teachers’ giving him a chance.

And ever since Jeff always sleeps by the time 6:00 pm and is practicing every day.

Author: ttlcic

Talk Together London is a social enterprise with charitable objectives registered as a ‘community interest company’ or 'CIC', creating and sharing resources and delivering lifelong learning services since 2006.

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