Wanted: dedicated term-time volunteers!

We are looking for motivated people who want to have experience working with children and young people (5 to 16 years old) and can commit to volunteering during the school term. Do you want to be part of the community? Have fun and make new friends? Use your skills and your ability to work with young people and children and build up your experience? Key tasks: get the class ready for the lesson, support children to become independent learners, manage children’s behaviour in class, carry out administrative tasks, be part of a team of volunteers. Training and support is provided.  Please email team@ttlcic.org.uk to apply.  For more information go  to http://www.talktogetherlondon.org .

My Story Project: This Hand (by Eliud)

This hand loves rugby, driving a car, pushing people to help them also.

This hand hates poop, homework, volcanoes.

And another thing, this hand can play video games, touch the ceiling; also, it can move by doing things.

This hand dreams of racing, skateboarding (to help it balance), and lastly climb over a fence.

Finally this hand remembers to wash his hands, clean the house, drink water every day.

My Story Project: This Hand (by Adriel)

This hand loves basketball, FIFA 18 and rugby.

This hand hates poo, wee and touching volcanoes.

This hand can write, pick up food and dance.

This hand dreams of a little greenhouse, climbing Mount Everest and reaching high things.

This hand remembers playing FIFA 17, helping people get up and feeding a monkey in Ethiopia.