My Story Project: 7-Sentence Story with Legos (by Zephy)

Once upon a time there was a castle with a tower where a prince lived.


And every day a witch came and brought him a rose.


Until one day the witch came and turned the prince into a beast because he was very naughty.


And because of that he was being rude to everyone and then he met a girl who became his girlfriend.


And because of that he felt happy and they got married.


Until finally he turned back into a prince.


And ever since they lived happily ever after.

My Story Project: In Search of the Magic Ring (by Ammie)

My name is Ammie. I live near the harbour and my family told me that there is a magic ring, which can grant any wish you want; however, it was inside the terrifying monster’s cave.

I set off down to the deep dark forest where all the beasts live. My body shivered as I stepped. The moonlight rose. That was just in time because I found a cottage, which was nice and cosy. The next day I put on my warm clothes and crossed the red river by a tree branch.

Finally, I reached the mighty mountains. There was still a long way to go, therefore, I walked one more time. Walking through the steep mountains, I used my skis to get down. I was here, I was at the cave! Were there monsters there? I don’t think so. Anyway, I had found it, the ring.

My Story Project: The Soul Stirring Lego Temple (by Iman)

To begin with it’s an idol which is called Athens, after the Greek Capital of Greece. Next: it had a magical legend and one of the most famous history behind it. Then: one day, he went to the UK and accidentally found out that he was illegal because no temples were allowed in the UK. After that he had to be sent to jail, otherwise he’ll be executed/ beheaded. Finally: the colour of him was metallic, so he could blend in the walls so he could escape. (This is a story really important for people who lack being creative.) Now, in this period, he’s only known for being an idol, though there’s far more history behind it.