My Story Project: Victoire’s 7- Sentence Story

Once upon a time there was a hamster that had four brothers and two sisters and his name was Roger.


And every day he would play with his favourite game ‘dominoes’ when one day the sidekick of the evil lizard caught him with a net and laughed. Then the evil lizard appeared.

Roger felt that he was caught and shouted,

“Let me go!”

“Never!” Shouted the lizard.

Now you’ve got a week to get me treasure and if you don’t by the end of the week I will feed you to my sidekick!”


And because of that Roger decided that on the first day of getting treasure he would escape. Meanwhile everyone was worried because Roger had disappeared for two days.

They felt a rumbling and out appeared Roger! Everyone was so happy to see him that they squeezed him!


And ever since he would stay close to his brothers and sisters!

Author: ttlcic

Talk Together London is a social enterprise with charitable objectives registered as a ‘community interest company’ or 'CIC', creating and sharing resources and delivering lifelong learning services since 2006.

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