My Story Project: Victoire’s 7- Sentence Story

Once upon a time there was a hamster that had four brothers and two sisters and his name was Roger.


And every day he would play with his favourite game ‘dominoes’ when one day the sidekick of the evil lizard caught him with a net and laughed. Then the evil lizard appeared.

Roger felt that he was caught and shouted,

“Let me go!”

“Never!” Shouted the lizard.

Now you’ve got a week to get me treasure and if you don’t by the end of the week I will feed you to my sidekick!”


And because of that Roger decided that on the first day of getting treasure he would escape. Meanwhile everyone was worried because Roger had disappeared for two days.

They felt a rumbling and out appeared Roger! Everyone was so happy to see him that they squeezed him!


And ever since he would stay close to his brothers and sisters!

My Story Project: Ridwenah’s 7- Sentence Story

Once upon a time there was a girl named Atlanta who was very swift footed and very pretty.


And every day she went hunting but she didn’t notice two pairs of eyes watching her all the time.


Until one day she had to get food by hunting all day to prepare for a family festival.


And because of that she wasn’t paying attention to the eyes which belonged to a witch.


Until finally the witch took her heart and made Atlanta ugly.


And ever since she is known to be the heartless girl.


My Story Project: Iman’s Magic Carpet Story

My magic carpet is a glistening, purple mat which is beautifully designed to fly up into the sky and to surf across the oceans and seas and also to shine in the sun. It leaves a glittery trail when it flies.

I will go to see the famous city of Dubai, where my uncle lives. I would like to go sight-seeing to spot the breath-taking views of nature.

Next I’ll see my loving auntie to go shopping, to play with and to have fun with. And, if they have a garden, I can play out there all day.

Then I’ll travel to my dad’s country, Sudan, where I can meet my grandma, aunties, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.

Afterwards I’ll have a lot of fun and games and have a few sleep overs.

Last of all I’ll say goodbye to my family and go back to my far way home, London.