My Story Project: In Search of the Magic Ring (by Adriel)

I woke up in the morning, then I was really bored. So, I wanted to go somewhere. Then, I asked my parents if there is such a thing as a magic ring because at school my teacher told me about the magic ring; then, my parents said ‘yes’. I asked my mum if I can go, so, me, my dad and mum went.

I took one of the boats from the harbour  to cross to the other side. By the time I reached the other side I saw a big village and there were very nice villagers and they helped me and my family find a house and had to sleep for two whole days. In the morning a lady went around houses for breakfast. I asked for coco pops and my dad and mum wanted butter on toast.

I got ready to go. I got packed and said ‘bye’ and left. Then, we were climbing up the mountain; then, we saw a polar bear; he was very nice and he even gave us a ride up the mountain. We reached the cave: there was the ring! The cave was very smelly; we grabbed the magic ring. I chose a wish to go home and at school I told all my friends, teachers and class about it.

My Story Project: In Search of the Magic Ring (by Eliud)

I was in a village where I saw villagers planting crops and the villagers were very nice. I wanted to search for the magic ring because it can teleport you. Another thing it can do is it makes you taller and makes you stronger.

I crossed the red river where there were lots of boats and birds. I decided to take a boat to the Mighty Mountains. I used skis to go down and to go up I used climbing shoes. When I reached the Monster Cave, I saw a huge gigantic monster with green slime, sharp pointy hungry looking teeth and with very sharp claws.

I went under his legs to go out through the exit; there was too much snow to go down, so we used sleighs and before I knew it, I was standing next to the magic ring. Then, when I touched it, I teleported to a deep dark forest.

My Story Project: Victoire’s 7- Sentence Story

Once upon a time there was a hamster that had four brothers and two sisters and his name was Roger.


And every day he would play with his favourite game ‘dominoes’ when one day the sidekick of the evil lizard caught him with a net and laughed. Then the evil lizard appeared.

Roger felt that he was caught and shouted,

“Let me go!”

“Never!” Shouted the lizard.

Now you’ve got a week to get me treasure and if you don’t by the end of the week I will feed you to my sidekick!”


And because of that Roger decided that on the first day of getting treasure he would escape. Meanwhile everyone was worried because Roger had disappeared for two days.

They felt a rumbling and out appeared Roger! Everyone was so happy to see him that they squeezed him!


And ever since he would stay close to his brothers and sisters!