My Story Project: The Girls’ Gang (by Matab)

Once upon a time, there was a big girl gang in America. And every day, they committed crimes, because their families taught them how to be mischievous and not to be kind.  Until one day, they were caught by a policewoman. And because of that, they learned not to commit crimes anymore. This is because they realised that it is better to be kind and helpful than to be a mischievous criminal. Until finally, all of the girls in the gang decided to be police women, and they joined the same police force as the policewoman who had arrested them. And ever since, every member of the girl gang has been solving lots of crimes and catching lots of criminals all over the world.

Author: ttlcic

Talk Together London is a social enterprise with charitable objectives registered as a ‘community interest company’ or 'CIC', creating and sharing resources and delivering lifelong learning services since 2006.

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