My Story Project: The Village and the Towers (by Asma)

Once upon a time, there were three towers in a village. They were called Jackson (the small one), Leila (the middle one) and Lick-Lick (the tallest one).

And, one day, it was the tallest tower’s birthday. The people in the village pretended that they didn’t know that it was the tallest tower’s birthday.

And then, the people shouted “Happy birthday.” And the tower said, “Why are you shouting ‘happy birthday’? It was just a joke.”

The next day, it was actually the tallest tower’s birthday. He shouted, “It’s my birthday!” but the people in the village did not believe him. The people in the village said, “We’re not celebrating your birthday.”

But then, the people in the village said, “It was just a joke – of course we will celebrate with you!”

Then, the tallest tower was upset and went to his bedroom, closed the door and didn’t open the door for a whole month. And then the people in the village were all sorry.

And then the tallest tower turned into a little child because his brother Jackson and sister Leila were getting angry and said that they never wanted to see him again.

Then, the tallest tower was friends again with his brother and sister. Then they were really big and they went to a different place and their parents were crying because they went to a different place.

Then they came back to visit on an aeroplane, and the Mum and Dad were hugging everyone, even the children.

Then they went back and put on a big show which was so loud that it woke the neighbours up. Then the police came, so they said sorry. When they said sorry, the police let them go. The police told them not to be so loud when they were playing music, they said okay and then they went back home.

My Story Project: Jojo’s Story (by Tota)

Once upon a time, there was five Youtubers living in America. Their names were: Matty B., Jojo, Kadrina, Ronald, Adam Saleh. They lived in a big castle and they thought that they should do some challenges.  There were ten challenges and they were ‘Poophead,’ ‘Dunkhead,’ ‘Guessing Guitar Game,’ ‘Gummy versus Real Food,’ ‘Brother and Sister Reality,’ ‘Pringles versus Real Food,’ and more.

Their first challenge… *DRUMROLL* was ‘Guessing Guitar Game.’

The partners for the challenge were Matty B. And Jojo in one team and Kadrina and Ronald in the one team, Adam Saleh was the mediator.

In order to participate in the game they had to play the guitar and the opponent had to hum the remainder of the song.

However, they needed to buy a guitar. So they all went to buy a guitar and then travelled together to Paris to play the game. Last but not least they all learned how to play the guitar.

My Story Project: The Girls’ Gang (by Matab)

Once upon a time, there was a big girl gang in America. And every day, they committed crimes, because their families taught them how to be mischievous and not to be kind.  Until one day, they were caught by a policewoman. And because of that, they learned not to commit crimes anymore. This is because they realised that it is better to be kind and helpful than to be a mischievous criminal. Until finally, all of the girls in the gang decided to be police women, and they joined the same police force as the policewoman who had arrested them. And ever since, every member of the girl gang has been solving lots of crimes and catching lots of criminals all over the world.