My Story Project: Asma’s 7- Sentence Story

Once upon a time Princess Lucy cleaned her room in the castle.

And every day her friends have to do what she says and they talk to her.

Until one day her friends never went home.

And because of that she asked them nicely to leave but she lost her patience.

And because of that the friends were too scared to speak to her.

Until finally the friends shouted at the chef for not caring. And then they went home and the princess started to cry.



My Story Project: Katie and London (by Rumaysa)

Once upon a time, there lived a girl called Katie. She lived in Wandsworth with her brother Tim and Grandmother. She was normally bored. Nearly every day, she thought of visiting London.

She went downstairs to her Grandma.

“Can we go to London and visit and see precious things please?” asked Katie politely.

“We can’t go when your brother Tim might knock something over,” replied Grandmother, still staring at her newspaper.

Every minute, she asked if she could go to London, until one night, her Grandma said something that made Katie very excited.

“Tomorrow, early in the morning, all three of us will go to London!” exclaimed Katie’s grandmother.

“Thank you so much!” Katie replied, with tears of joy.

Then she quickly hurried upstairs and was soon asleep. She dreamed about going to see such precious things.

Time went by quickly, and it soon was morning. She got dressed and ready.

The next thing she knew, she was out and about.

Then they reached Buckingham Palace, and saw a golden statue of a lion. Grandma said: “I am going to have a nap.”

As soon as she fell asleep, there was a mad panic, and the lion jumped out from his position and was licking his lips …

But he turned out to be kind, and he showed Katie and her brother around London.

Grandma then woke up, and they went home.