Talk Together London C.I.C.

Team Talk Together London C.I.C. offers ‘bridge building’ activities that enhance access to mainstream services.

Our services aim to support learners to:
•  progress into further education, training or employment
•  play as active and independent a role as possible in their communities
•  make informed choices about the way they want to live their lives
•  be accredited for their learning.

Building confidence, working with others, individual development and improving personal skills are important elements of learning.

To join, the main requirements are that you are:
•  interested in exploring different vocational (work) areas
•  willing to take responsibility for your own learning
•  committed to a part time programme.

Empowerment, choice, trust, managing own learning, setting goals …

Come and join!  You will need to complete an enrolment form:

 Time:  14.30 – 16.30

Wednesday Study Support Club, Office 2  Canalside House  W10 5AA

Time:  4.00 – 6.00

Thursday Study Support Club, Hungerford School, Islington N7 9LF

Time:  11.00 – 14.00

Saturday Study Support Club, Room D11StokeNewington School N16 9EX

Here is what a staff member said:

“When I arrived in the UK, my English consisted of basic vocabulary and simple sentences.  Now I’m providing study support for others and aiming to study Pharmacy at University.  We can achieve our dreams!” Hermon

Author: ttlcic

Talk Together London is a social enterprise with charitable objectives registered as a ‘community interest company’ or 'CIC', creating and sharing resources and delivering lifelong learning services since 2006.

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